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MCUT (Modular Combat Utility Tool) Axe

MCUT (Modular Combat Utility Tool) Axe

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From Jake Hoback:

"Years back – 13, to be exact (wow! I feel old now) – I drew up the logo that would stick with Hoback Knives ever since. About 2 years into my part-time knife-making career, I made a couple of full-sized representations of my axe logo (they were interesting, to say the least!). But as time progressed I found I had less and less time to build axes/swords/choppers, and my focus changed to folding knives. Fast forward to 2016… I get asked constantly if I make a representation of my logo anymore, and the answer has always been YES – not yet, but someday!

Sometime in mid-2016, I decided that my next project in the shop would be unlike any other I have tackled to-date. I wanted to make my Axe logo, but I also wanted to bring something completely new to the already crowded combat/tactical tomahawk market. Something no one else has done…something “Modular.” Not just an axe… Not just a breaching tool…  But something to suit both functions – and a whole lot more!

The base of the MCUT is a Type III hard-anodized, 6061T6 aluminum handle, and in total there are 7 pieces."

  • Haft
  • Cover plate
  • 2x ¼-20 stainless black button head cap screws
  • 2x 3/16th hardened stainless dowel pins (3 of them)
  • Modular head


  • Modular Head: .1875 Thick S7 for the Axe Head
  • Haft: .75 Thick, 6061T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard-Anodized, Fully 3D-Machined for Texture
  • Overall Length: 10”
  • Main Blade Length: 5”
  • Secondary Blade Length: 2.25”
  • Color of the Haft: Dark Grey Anodized
  • Color of the Head: Stainless
  • Kydex Sheath